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    Rare Nevers earthenware plate with contoured board with polychrome patriotic decoration of a dog and a cat facing each other on a mound framing the symbols of the Three Orders united by a ribbon surmounting the inscription "Pran garde au chat". This decoration symbolizes the vigilance that patriots must impose on counter-revolutionaries. End of the eighteenth century, revolutionary era - Fractured, stapled.

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    Lyonnaise faience dish, eight lobes with polychrome decoration called "hazelnut". with a flower in the center, blue and yellow fillets around the edges - Excellent condition - Eighteenth century

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    Sceaux - Rare earthenware ewer with small fire decor probably painted by Protais Pidoux a cartouche animated with a landscape to the ruins in a rich frame of garlands of flowers and masks, and flower vases. The handle imitating the wood attached by olive branches - Eighteenth century - Louis XVI period - Ref: Protais Pidoux 1725-1790 a history of faience - 2013 - Editor Jean Epple.

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    Fine earthenware dish of St. Clement shape silverware, decorated with imaginary birds painted in fine quality, birds and ladybugs on the border. some wear on the edge - Eighteenth Century - to 1775-1780

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    500,00 €
Showing 25 - 28 of 28 items