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  • Small covered vegetable dish and its display stand in Chinese porcelain from the company of the India of rectangular shape, the taking in the shape of a rockery, the handles in the shape of rabbit heads, polychrome decoration and "Mandarin" gold of characters in alternate reserves of reserves decorated with lake landscapes in orange shades against a manganese violet grid background. Long: 19cm. Eighteenth century - Qianlong period (1735 - 1796)

  • Surtout of table formed of an oval dish with a rounded edge resting on four mermaids sitting on four dolphins on a rectangular base on board bypassed with blue camaieu decoration of lambrequins and foliages. Marked "L" in blue, manufacture of Charles-François Hannong or Balthazar Hannong. 18th century - Around 1730 

  • Pretty suite of eight porcelain plates from the Locré - Pouyat & Russinger period factory decorated in grisaille with flowered vases and baskets and on the edge of a gilded frieze with diamonds and stylized plant motifs. (1799-1808) Directory period. 

  • Porcelain coffee service from the Locré factory - Rue fontaine au Roi in Paris in porcelain with gold threads and grisaille decoration of medallions of busts of ancient figures in gilded medallions, composed of a cylindrical covered jug, a covered sugar bowl, a milk jug, six cups and its six saucers. Two cups with slightly different handles, no doubt replenished - PARIS - Rue de la Fontaine au Roi. Directoire period - Excellent condition.

  • Large eighteenth century Japanese porcelain goblet and saucer with Imari decoration of long flower stalks - Eighteenth century for porcelain. Nineteenth century silver setting - Minerva hallmark. 

  • Large covered jar in soft Saint-Cloud porcelain, gadrooned shape, white enamel, mounted in silver made later in order to hide accidents - Eighteenth century - Around 1730-1740 

  • CHINA - Yongzheng Period (1723-1735) Porcelain plate decorated in underglaze blue and polychrome enamels said Doucai a central medallion adorned with a lotus surrounded by branches of peonies and cherry blossoms, the wing adorned with flowered branches - Yongzheng Period (1723-1735)

  • China - Suite of twelve porcelain plates of the Indian company, polychrome and gold floral decoration - Eighteenth century - Qianlong period (1735-1796)

  • Small litron cup known as “mignonette” and its saucer (fourth size) in soft Sèvres porcelain, the cup decorated in polychrome with a landscape animated by a character pulling two mules against a background of a landscape in a reserve, the decorated saucer of tools agricultural in a medallion on a background decorated with a blue net and gold garlands. Mark: LL interlaced, letter-date LL for 1788 and the mark of the old painter, active in Sèvres from 1752 to 1790 - Eighteenth century

  • Rare Nevers earthenware plate with contoured board with polychrome patriotic decoration of a dog and a cat facing each other on a mound framing the symbols of the Three Orders united by a ribbon surmounting the inscription "Pran garde au chat". This decoration symbolizes the vigilance that patriots must impose on counter-revolutionaries. End of the eighteenth century, revolutionary era - Fractured, stapled.

  • 2 goblets and a siliceous ceramic cup from Kütahya decorated in polychromy and red slip on a white background with stylized patterns - Eighteenth century 

  • Ice cream cup tray called "bouret tray" in soft Vincennes-Sèvres porcelain with a contoured edge decorated in polychromy with large bouquets of flowers, roses, ranunculus, blueberries. Blue combed on the edges enhanced with a gold net. Mark erased - Eighteenth century

Showing 1 - 12 of 511 items