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  • Jug called "Jacqueline" earthenware Lille, polychrome decoration of great fire representing a woman sitting on a mound, flower dress and apron with dots, hands laid flat on the knees - Eighteenth Century - Towards 1750 -1770

  • IZNIK - Ottoman Turkey - Dish decorated in blue on a white background under transparent glaze with a central rosette flanked by two pots garnished with flowering branches alternated with two grenades, white border of stylized flower motifs alternated with dots - Second half of the sixteenth century.

  • Chantilly - Soft porcelain knife decorated in camaieu blue valances. Steel blade and vintage silver frame - Eighteenth century - Around 1730-1740.

  • NEVERS - Crowned Virgin holding the Child Jesus in the left arm, polychrome decoration a compendiario - Seventeenth century.

  • Arras - soft porcelain - Mustard pot - eighteenth century

  • SÈVRES - Déjeuner (cabaret égoïste) in soft porcelain with polychrome decoration of bouquets of flowers and blue and gold nets - Comprising a Hebert platter, a covered sugar pot, a covered Calabre teapot and a Calabre goblet and saucer - Eighteenth century - Marked in blue: LL intertwined, for the tray and the letter-date cup "O" for 1767 and mark of painter W for Le Vavasseur. For the sugar pot: partly illegible, painter's mark: JO. not identified. For the teapot: letter-date II for 1786, illegible mark of painter - nice freshness enamel and gilding.

  • Meissen - Pair of plates on board bypassed, the wing with basketwork motifs in light relief named Sulkowsky, polychrome decoration in the Kakiemon style of winged, volatile chimera and shrub flowers. Mark in blue with 2 crossed swords - Eighteenth century, around 1735-40.

  • CASTELLI, Applique Tondo, "The Sacrifice of Abraham". This is the time when Abraham raised his eyes to the angel who retained the sacrifice of his son and the sacrifice of the ram (Genesis 22: 1-12). It is presented in a gilded wooden frame of the nineteenth century. Early eighteenth century.

  • South of France - Pair of pilluliers on faience pedestal, each decorated with a sign surmounted by the crowned Arms of France one marked "Pil.De.Starhii. »The other« Pil.Stoma-Vul.Ancib » - Eighteenth century

  • Talavera (Spain) Set of three terracotta albarelli shaped, decorated with the crowned coat of arms of the order of the Carmelites, cartridge below left free of registration - Late eighteenth century - Excellent condition - Ref: Alexius and Christian Feit - Spanische Fayencen Ed. Hirmer - Charterhouse of Valldemossa possesses some pieces of this series.

  • Plate earthenware Rouen polychrome decoration in the center of a basket flowers. The wing decorated with flowers and grenades exploded on a blue background - First half of the eighteenth century - See the label R. Charton Collection n ° 52

  • MOUSTIERS - Manufacture of Olerys and Laugier Beautiful small dish of oval shape quadrilobed with fine polychrome decoration of garlands of flowers. Central medallion depicting a horse hunter pursuing a deer, accompanied by two dogs. Marked on the reverse: Olérys Solomé Cadet - Eighteenth century

Showing 1 - 12 of 274 items