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  • Plate earthenware Rouen, plain edge, polychrome decoration with the flowered barrier in the style of the Far East, on the wing grids and exploded grenades. Brand of the Guillibaud manufacture in green. Eighteenth century - Around 1735-1740 - CF: Holds the label "T H. Clainpanain collections N ° 535.

  • Rare cup and saucer in Strasbourg faience with polychrome decoration of fine flowers, twisted handle with two flowers in relief on each side. Marked. Joseph Hannong - eighteenth century 

  • Japan - Porcelain covered cup with Van Buren family arms and Van Brederode on both sides, decorated in the Imari palette in underglaze blue, red and gold - Excellent condition - Early eighteenth century

  • Dish with polychrome decoration on a white background under the transparent glaze of a rosette in the center surrounded by four mandorla and flowers, decoration of waves and rocks around the edge - IZNIK - Ottoman Turkey - Seventeenth century.

  • Siliceous ceramic dish with polychrome decoration under a slightly green glaze of a bouquet of hyacinths in a mandorla. The marli decorated with pairs of stylized tulips - Iznik - Ottoman Turkey - Seventeenth century.

  • Large tabak ceramic dish with so-called four flower decoration in siliceous ceramic with polychrome painted decoration on a white background and under transparent glaze. Floral arrangement of carnations and roses punctuated by a saz palm. Border decorated with waves and rocks around the edge. On the reverse, a black line imitating a scalloped edge and line flower patterns - Seventeenth century

  • Set of seven small Hispano-Moorish ceramic plates in copper-brown metallic luster with plant motifs - Eighteenth century

  • Teapot and lid in Japanese porcelain (Arita) with blue, red and gold decorations of flowers framed by stylized flowering branches. Eighteenth century. Ringed in silver by the Cardeilhac house in Paris.

  • Rare Jatte Nevers faience wedding patronymic bearing the inscription in blue: "Jacques Deslande - Marie Grifont 1774" filled with green olives in trompe-l'oeil, combed edge and flowery branches on the outside - Eighteenth century - Dated 1774.

  • Beautiful round plate with contoured edges in Moustiers - Ferrat factory earthenware with an amusing polychrome decoration depicting two figures taking out a fishing net from a boat, landscape in the background. Combed pink and pink nets on the edges. Eighteenth century.

  • Bourdalou in Chinese porcelain with blue, red and gold Imari decoration of landscapes with pagodas - Eighteenth century.

  • Pair of large anthropomorphic jugs in Lille earthenware known as "Jacquot and Jacqueline" covered, representing a woman in a flowered dress and polka-dot apron, sitting on a green mound, the man holding his belly, wearing a floral waistcoat and yellow pants. Mount of pewter lids - Eighteenth century 

Showing 1 - 12 of 440 items