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  • Slightly domed round plaque with polychrome decoration depicting "Moses saved from the waters" presented in a gilded molded wooden frame. Eighteenth century 

  • Snuff box in soft Saint-Cloud porcelain, mounted in silver, in the shape of a Chinese reclining in a long robe painted with scattered bouquets of oriental flowers attached to the waist by a belt, an insect on his head, lying on a mound decorated with an iron-red flower and green leaves, the cover with scattered decoration of flowers and insects - Eighteenth century - around 1740

  • Saint-Cloud - Charming little covered box depicting a Buddha seated with his hands on his stomach, decorated in polychromy with branches of flowers in the Kakiemon style. Silver mount, discharge hallmark, Paris 1744-1750. Eighteenth century - around 1740. Information and additional photos on request

  • Very large earthenware dish from Moustiers with a very beautiful decoration in blue shades of a rare Chinese riding an ostrich, Chinese with a fan above a table accompanied by a seated Chinese and another character with a large bird on the arm, surrounded by large flowering branches - Eighteenth century 

  • Plate with contoured edge with polychrome decoration in the center of fruits on rocaille foliage, the wing decorated with flowering stems, ocher fillet on the edge - Antonibon factory - Eighteenth century 

  • Pair of Nove di Bassano earthenware shakers with blue monochrome decoration of pagodas and buildings surrounded by flowering branches - Eighteenth century. 

  • Two pretty Marseille earthenware lids decorated in ocher yellow monochrome with a scene representing two horsemen, a gallant scene and two characters around a table for the first, and for the second three mythological scenes. In three separate medallions with motifs of lattices, branches and shells. Fauchier factory - Eighteenth century. 

  • Charming little baluster-shaped pitcher in Nevers earthenware with floral decoration in fixed white and ocher on a Persian blue background - Seventeenth century 

  • Pair of hand candlesticks in porcelain and chiseled and gilded bronze. They represent a couple of young children wearing a Turkish costume, in Meissen porcelain, part of the series "disguised loves" standing on a gilded bronze terrace, rocaille, the statuettes are backed by a rocaille arch with trellis, topped of a bobèche. Leaf-shaped thumb rest.. "E.S" mark under the frame - Eighteenth century. 

  • Delft earthenware statuette in blue monochrome depicting a dog sitting on a terrace - Eighteenth century 

  • Earthenware pitcher by Ariano Irpino with polychrome decoration depicting in relief the bust of a young woman - End of the eighteenth century 

  • Hispano-Moorish ceramic bowl with plain edge decorated with buff metallic luster with geometric decoration, reverse decorated with concentric threads. Spain - Aragon or Catalonia - Sixteenth century

Showing 1 - 12 of 712 items