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  • SPAIN - CATALONIA Albarello arched form earthenware, decorated in blue monochrome of a boat. Angled micrographs bearing the inscription "A.CATECHU". Braid of stylized combs and blue threads on the edges. Late 17th century - early 18th century. For comparable models, Rudolf E. A. Drey, Apothecary Jars, 1978, p. 149, 76A to 76D

  • Paris - Manufacture de Nast - Cup with birds - Beginning of the 19th century. Nice cup and saucer with polychrome decoration of trendy birds, garland of foliage intertwined between two nets in border - Stamp mark in red under the saucer, gold mark under the cup - Early nineteenth century - Excellent condition.

  • Japan - Pair of large octagonal dishes, Imari blue, red and gold decor in the center of a flower vase on an entablature, decor bordering reserves adorned with Quilins and phoenix in flight on a big blue background adorned with flowering branches in gilding - Edo period 1700-1720.

  • A knife and fork with four teeth, soft porcelain handle of Saint-Cloud decorated in monochrome blue valances. Steel blade and silver antique settings for the knife, brass for the fork - Eighteenth century - Towards 1700-1730.

  • Paris - Darte - Plate decorated with a bouquet of flowers - Nineteenth Century - 1820.

  • Meissen - Statuette of a hunter standing before his dog lying, holding a rifle with a powder flask on to his right side, backed a tree trunk with climbing flowers, wearing a jacket and green pants and a purple cloak lined with fur. Marked with crossed swords in blue. model J.F Erbelein - Eighteenth Century - to 1755-60  

  • NEVERS - Plate on board contoured polychrome decoration of a leaning column bearing the inscriptions "Roy, the law, the nation" placed on a terrace with two drums and flag - Eighteenth century - Revolutionary period - Bibliography: Heitschel Collection. P. 133 N ° 219 - Excellent condition.

  • Sèvres - Cup mignonette of litron form and its cup in hard porcelain with polychrome decoration of garlands of flowers, in border, dotted gold on purple background, teeth of wolf in edge; On the reverse, the two crowned interlaced L and the letter date JJ for 1787 - Eighteenth century

  • POT AND COVER IN PORCELAIN IMARI AND SILVER THE PORCELAIN, JAPAN XVIIth CENTURY - THE MONTURE, FRANCE, 1717-1722 Porcelain with polychrome decoration of fans and branches blooming in the palette Imari, Period Genroku (1688 - 1704) the frame decorated with a frieze of foliage on amati background, the lid with plume taken on terrace radiating gadroons, and strapping, foot encircled with a molded frame, the discharge marks of PARIS years 1717-1722 at the fleur-de-lis on the lid, on the strapping of the lid, on the headband and on the base and other punches, which are difficult to read. Height: 15,4cm. Diam: 10,8cm (Pictures of the different punches on request)

  • NEVERS - Oval-shaped wall plate forming an arm of light, with "a compendiario" decoration depicting the bust of a young woman in relief, arm extended holding a scoop candle - Seventeenth century. 

  • Sinceny - Rare bouquetière or box onions, removable head, shaped like a chest of ressaut Louis XVI slightly curved sides, resting on six feet, decorated with small fire flower bouquets, the top edge of a balustrade decorated in low relief - Eighteenth Century - 1780

Showing 1 - 12 of 229 items