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  • Beautiful bowl covered in Lyon earthenware with two rockery handles in light relief with polychrome decoration of grand feu. The cover decorated with a woman seated on stones symbolizing the allegory of a river and a bacchus seated on a barrel holding a glass and a bottle in her hands, alternated with bouquets of flowers. The interior decorated in ocher with a love leaning on a stone. The grip of the fruit-shaped lid. Excellent condition. Mid Eighteenth century

  • Rare and amusing polychrome faience statuette of Sceaux representing a man holding cats and dogs in his arms, in the pockets of his jacket, his waistcoat and his tricorne! - Eighteenth century - Former collection Anne-Marie and Jean Epple. To our knowledge the only known model to date.

  • CHINA (India Company). Circular porcelain plate decorated in blue camaïeu said to the "Pompadour" peonies in the center, rubble cartridges and fish on the wing - Eighteenth century. 

  • Pair of oval porcelain dishes with polychrome decoration of small roses, golden garlands and foliage on a white background, a rose in central medallion. Paris - Marked by the Duke of Angoulême manufacture "Rue de Bondy", Eighteenth century period.

  • Memento mori - In ivory finely carved - Eighteenth century French work. Height: 3cm - Width: 2.5cm.

  • Wrisberg Holzen (Germany) - Rare statuette depicting a lion standing forming Saleron, decoration big fire in polychrome - Eighteenth Century - 1750

  • Inro with five compartments in fundame lacquer decorated in hiramaki-e with gold, silver lacquer of two rabbits surrounded by rushes. Interior in black lacquer. The inro is accompanied by an ivory ojime representing a child and wooden netsuké with an openwork decoration of flowers. Signed Kagetsusai. Japan - End of the Edo period (1603 - 1868)

  • Rare small bottle vase in Lille earthenware in the shape of a colocint with double bulges and flared neck with polychrome decoration of a bird on a flowery branch and a large butterfly - Eighteenth century.

  • Large pharmacy vase on pedestal, with twisted handles with snake heads. Blue and manganese monochrome decoration on one side of a phylactery bearing the inscription: “E.PECTORALLE.” It is surmounted by a winged Indian head with scrolls and baskets of flowers and supported by a winged cherub head and stylized fruit garlands and foliage, And on the other side of a beautiful decoration representing a large bouquet of flowers in a vase surrounded by two birds and insects, at the base of acanthus leaves and blue nets and manganese - Around 1700

  • Plate earthenware Strasbourg with contoured edges polychrome decoration in fine quality, the center of a bouquet of feurs with tulip. Floral twigs on wing, brown fillets on edges, mark in blue J.Hannong JH39. Eighteenth century - Cf: carries the labels Pisani rue Fléchier Paris and R. Charton collection.

  • Plate earthenware Strasbourg with contoured edges polychrome decoration in the center of a rose with tulip. Twigs flowery on the wing, the edge enhanced with a brown net. mark in blue J.Hannong 39/90 - Manufacture of Joseph Hannong - Cf: carries the labels Pisani rue Fléchier Paris and R. Charton collection.

Showing 1 - 12 of 427 items