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  • Paris - Group in hard porcelain biscuit representing “The family” Young man standing, his wife seated, breastfeeding a baby; near them, a boy and a girl. Group inspired by the group in biscuit of hard porcelain of Sèvres, attributed to Le Riche "La nurse" Factory of Locré - Russinger - Rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi, at La Courtille. Mark below: two hollow crossed torches and the initials CD. Around 1780. Group similar to ours reproduced in the catalog of the exhibition of the Musée de Sèvres “The Manufacture of Lights - Sculpture at Sèvres from Louis XV to the Revolution. Inv. MNC 15602 - Page 180. 

  • Large albarello in a slightly curved cylindrical shape, with a high neck and an inclined shoulder, resting on a short foot in painted earthenware scales superimposed in underglaze cobalt blue on a cream ground. Valencia - Manises or Aragon. First half of the Sixteenth century

  • Octagonal baluster-shaped Marseille earthenware sprinkler decorated in blue shades of lambrequins - Eighteenth century 

  • MEILLONNAS - Rare plate, eight curved lobe polychrome armorial decor, oval shield under a coronet supported by two lions, one standing on its hind legs, the other lying,the wing is decorated with war trophies. purple mesh edge. Eighteenth century.s - eighteenth century - Only model known to date.

  • Small earthenware cup from Nevers decorated in shades of blue and manganese with a basket of flowers on an entablature. Seventeenth century

  • Lyon - pharmaceutical jug of ovoid shape on pedestal with ring and flat handle. Polychrome blue, yellow, orange and green decoration of rosettes on a background of foliage scrolls - First half of the sixteenth century - Ref: Issingeaux Hospital - Bibl: Chompret 1946, plate 46, fig171 attributed at the time to Montpellier - Desnuelle, 1988, The Stamp No. 216, p 40 - Montagut, Academy of Moustiers, 1992, p 31, figs 7 and 36.

  • Rouen bouquet holder wall lamp with a lobed edge in earthenware with polychrome decoration of a flowered pierced rock and hedge, bird on flowering shrubs and mounds. Marked "G" below - Eighteenth century.

  • Plate on board bypassed with polychrome decoration against revolutionary in a rococo reserve with the inscription "le tiers nuit" around three flaming hearts. On the wing garlands and double falls. End of the 18th century - Revolutionary era - Similar model - Louis Heitschel revolutionary earthenware collection »page 157 n ° 295.

  • Beautiful Montelupo majolica dish with polychrome decoration on an orange-yellow background of two figures, one carrying an arquebus on his shoulder, the other playing a drum. Concentric circles on the reverse - Seventeenth century 

  • Montelupo majolica dish with polychrome decoration on an orange-yellow background of a galloping horseman. Concentric circles on the reverse - Seventeenth century 

  • Large litron cup in soft Sèvres porcelain and its saucer (1st size) with polychrome decoration of the monogram "A" formed of pink flowers surrounded by two branches of cornflowers in an entourage of flowers and a garland of pearls on a pink background. The saucer decorated in the center with a bouquet of blueberries in a medallion and as on the cup surrounded by flowers and a garland of pearls on a pink background. Borders underlined with a gilt border. Marked on the reverse in blue with two intertwined Ls, letter-date ii for 1786 and mark of the painter Noualhier son active in Sèvres from 1779 to 1782 and from 1786 to 1791 - Eighteenth century - 1786.

  • Rare pair of majolica plaques by Bartholomeo Terchi (San Quirico d´Orcia - Siena) with polychrome decoration of Greek or Roman mythological scenes, in their original Baroque-style frames in cold-gilded terracotta. Manufacture of Bartolomeo Terchi. Around 1720-1730. 

Showing 1 - 12 of 591 items