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  • Pair of large Delftware vases with blue shades of putti on a marbled background - Circa 1700 - Top of the vases: 50cm Total height: 85cm - Adjustable shade height. 

  • Paris - Porcelain tea and coffee set consisting of a covered coffeepot, a covered teapot, a milk jug, a covered sugar jug, a milk jug on a pedestal, ten cups and nine saucers, with polychrome decoration of fancy birds , the edges decorated gold nets - Paris - Empire Period.

  • Strasbourg earthenware plate with contoured edges and polychrome decoration in fine quality with a carnation with tulip in the center, flowering twigs on the wing, brown threads on the edges, mark in blue J.Hannong 39/90 - Manufacture of Joseph Hannong. Eighteenth century - Condition: See the labels R. Charton and Caillot collection - Rue de la Victoire.

  • Beautiful spice box covered with Sceaux faience with polychrome decoration depicting a young man lying holding a bottle, accompanied by a dog at his feet. Marked with fleur-de-lis in brown - Manufacture of Jacques Chapelle. Eighteenth century Former collection Marius Bernard and old collection Anne-Marie and Jean Epple. 

  • CHINA, East India Company, KANGXI Period (1662-1722), Porcelain dish decorated in underglaze blue, iron red and enamel gold said "Imari" in the center of peonies on a pierced rock, the border also adorned with flowery peonies.

  • Large earthenware stoup from Deruta with polychrome decoration, in the center in a frame, the portrait of Saint Peter of Verona between two columns, surmounted by a shell and a mask framed by two cherubs, the bucket in shape of chalice is flanked by a plate decorated with a winged cherub. High: 43cm Width: 21.5cm - Early seventeenth century

  • Rare Nevers earthenware alcohol keg with patronymic decoration resting on a small pedestal, with hoops in slight relief, decorated in polychromy with a vine branch and grape clusters and decorated on one side a rider whipping his horse with the inscription patronymic “Jean Lattere boy sant souefe“ (sic) Dated 1788. On the other side a horse-drawn carriage with the inscription: “come on, here we are near the cabaret.” - Long: 12.5cm - High: 15cm - Eighteenth century - 1788

  • Exceptional large Nevers earthenware dish with fixed white decor on a Persian blue background in the style of China at the center of a lively scene of Chinese characters sitting in the middle of the vegetation, palm trees, banana trees, the border decorated with four decorated panels of different Chinese characters, alternating four reserves decorated with flowers and foliage - Diam: 48.5cm - Seventeenth century - around 1660 - A crack at 10 am to the center and small chips of enamel on the edge. Note the great finesse of the decor in fixed white.

  • Deruta - Round umbilicus dish decorated with copper and blue metallic luster in the center the Gothic letter "M" crowned on a checkered ground surrounded by alternating reserves of scales and foliage flowers in reserves, the wing adorned with a frieze of piastres on blue background. sixteenth century, circa 1530 - Diameter: 33.5cm - Fractured and formerly restored - See: similar model: Jeanne Giacomotti "The majolica of National Museums", N ° 617 p.193, Edition of the National Museums.

  • Paper cup in silver, handle of eighteenth century Saint-Cloud porcelain in the shape of a crozier, decorated with lambrequins in blue, silver blade mounted in the nineteenth century.

  • Rare little silver fork, soft porcelain handle of Saint Cloud - eighteenth century Rare little fork with two silver teeth and soft porcelain handle of Saint Cloud decorated with lambrequins in blue. Eighteenth century

Showing 1 - 12 of 373 items