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  • Pair of terracotta statuettes "Children Natural History» by Boizot. 1785-1786 to the Sèvres manufactory edited several figures and groups of children with insects. These objects had the peculiarity of having genuine mounted insects placed in porcelain children sides. Hettlinger, inspector of the factory at the time was responsible for the creation of such figures - Eighteenth century

  • Long baluster vase on a pedestal, with a neck fitted with two handles, decoration with coppery red metallic reflections of birds on a background of foliage - Sevententh - Eighteenth century

  • Small porcelain plate japanese with polychrome Kakiemon decoration of flowering hedge, prunus and pine. End of the seventeenth century - Beginning of the eighteenth century. Kintsugi restoration on the edge. 

  • Pair of Rouen faience bottle vases, cut-sided shape, decorated in blue and red with lambrequins with some yellow highlights, squared reserves and falling flowers. Eighteenth century - Around 1720 - Ref: Former Tumin collection, reproduced in the catalog of its sale in 1936 - They figured in the retrospective exhibition of French earthenware at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1932. 

  • Montpellier earthenware sprinker in the shape of an octagonal baluster decorated in blue shades of lambrequins and checkered reserves - Eighteenth century 

  • Beautiful and rare Rouen earthenware sugar caster in a baluster shape on a heel (a rare form in Rouen) with polychrome rotating decoration called "honeysuckle" The openwork cover, decorated with flowering branches, on the edges braid with green braces and stylized flower reserves - Eighteenth century - Around 1740. Bears the Papillon N ° 284 collection label. 

  • Charming small round earthenware dish from Montelupo with full polychrome decoration of a man brandishing his sword, on a mound against a landscape background - Seventeenth century.

  • Large shoe-shaped hand warmer in Naples majolica with polychrome decoration in blue, yellow and green - End of the seventeenth century Beginning of the eighteenth century

  • Pair of Chinese porcelain dishes with polychrome decoration in underglaze blue, red, coral and heightened with gilding, radiating around a central rosette. Rare decoration of lambrequins in the style of earthenware from Rouen made for the French market under the regency - Kangxi period (1661-1722) 

  • Beautiful large Chinese porcelain dish decorated in full in underglaze blue, iron red and gold enamel known as "Imari" decorated with branches of prunus and peonies growing from a rock - Kangxi period (1662 - 1722) 

  • Hispano-Moorish ceramic vase from Manises with two handles in lustrous earthenware with coppery metallic reflections, decorated with a large bouquet of carnations on each side - Seventeenth century

Showing 1 - 12 of 686 items