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    Savona earthenware egg dish with two egg cups and a salt cellar adhering to a rectangular cut-off tray. Decor in shades of blue building and flowering branches - End of the seventeenth century 

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    Strasbourg earthenware saucer with polychrome decoration of fine flowers - Joseph Hannong - Eighteenth century 

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    Small tondino dish with polychrome decoration in full "a istoriato" representing a putti sitting on a rock by the water, holding a fruit in hand, in the distance on the mountain shore and buildings, yellow fillet on the edges - Last quarter of the sixteenth century century. 

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    Talavera earthenware table salt cellar decorated with floral motifs from the blue, red and manganese “tricolor” series - Seventeenth century 

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    Set of six "Escudillas" winged bowls in lustrous Hispano-Moorish earthenware, each decorated with geometric patterns and stylized plants, covered with a metallic glaze - Sixteenth century

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    Rare pair of oval polychrome faience plaques from Castelli titled in a phylactery: "SERVITU" and "MATRIMONIO" representing the allegory of marriage for one and of servitude for the other in the guise of a woman each supporting a yoke on their shoulders, servitude with at its feet, a stork or a heron holding a snake in the beak, marriage with a restraint on the legs and a snake at its feet, against the backdrop of a wooded landscape - Based on two engravings by Cesari Giuseppe known as the Knight of Arpin around 1625. (see the reproduction of these two engravings) - Eighteenth century - In blackened and gilded wooden frames.

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    Pretty pair of dishes decorated in enamels of the green family of two birds chasing an insect in flowering branches, marli decorated with insects in alternating reserves of red and gold flowers on a green background and border with coral and gold gadroons in relief - End of the 17th century - Beginning of the 18th century. Kangxi period (1662-1722) - Labels of the former Nicolier house - Quai Voltaire in Paris.

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    Round dish with polychrome decoration of three birds, one in flight chasing an insect, the other two on a central mound. They are surrounded by butterflies and insects and large flowering branches and blue nets on the edge - Eighteenth century. 

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    Exceptional large earthenware vase from Talavera de la Reina decorated with bird hunting scenes, It belongs to a group called "From the Polychrome series" with a flared neck decorated on each side with a wading bird surrounded by bushes. This vase is decorated with two engravings by Jan Collaert published in Antwerp in 1578 based on original drawings by the 16th century Flemish painter Van der Straet (alias Stradanus) (1523-1605) This exceptional vase is probably a special order from a high figure in the palace-monastery of the Escurial. Large vases of this so-called polychrome series comparable to ours can be found at the Metropolitan in New York, the Museum of Decorative Arts in...

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    Large trompe l'oeil tureen in German ? Earthenware depicting a cauliflower, natural polychrome decoration, the cover showing a snail. Formerly attributed to Brussels. Eighteenth century - around 1750

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    Beautiful Slightly waisted albarello in Venetian majolica from the workshop of Maestro Domenico with blue decoration of Saint Apollina holding a pair of pincers in one hand and in the other a palm in a medallion with a yellow background standing out against a blue background decorated with polychrome fruits, flowers and foliage - Sixteenth century, Around 1550

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    Beautiful albarello in Venetian majolica from the workshop of Maestro Domenico with polychrome decoration of a portrait of a helmeted man in a bust and on the other side of a holy character in two medallions with a yellow background standing out against an ornate blue background of polychrome flowers and foliage - Sixteenth century

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