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    Pretty Chinese porcelain dish - Compagnie des Indes, decorated in the Imari palette with lotus flower and peony in the center, border decorated with four butterflies on a flowery braid - Qianlong period (1736-1795) 

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    Beautiful Moustiers earthenware inkwell in scalloped shape with two animal head handles forming a feather holder, Decorated in blue, yellow and green polychrome with wide lace valance. Inside, three bucket receptacles surrounded by flowers. Placed on a mount and three posterior pewter cups. Signature in ocher "M" by the painter Jean-Baptiste Mille and "OL" for OLérys and Laugier. Eighteenth century

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    Pretty suite of eight porcelain plates from the Locré - Pouyat & Russinger period factory decorated in grisaille with flowered vases and baskets and on the edge of a gilded frieze with diamonds and stylized plant motifs. (1799-1808) Directory period. 

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    Soft sèvres porcelain plate with polychrome decoration by a seedling of blue barbel. Gold wolf teeth on the edge. Marked in blue with two interlaced LL, date letters GG for 1784. Decorator mark: Mlle Xhrouuet or Secroix 1774-1788. Gilder and painter of flowers and ornaments - Eighteenth Century - 1784 

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    Fine earthenware dish by Creil and Montereau with polychrome decoration of trompe l'oeil playing cards, the wing with a background of mauve scales and red thread. Brand of Barluet et Compagnie - Creil et Montereau - 1868 -1876 

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    Rare suite of eight Montereau earthenware plates with grisaille decoration on the theme of the Independence of Greece. Around 1810-1830 - The marli is punctuated with wreaths tied with ribbon inscribed with the names of "Maulis Byron / Canaris Fabvier / Botzaris Eynard" and with the cross of Lorraine bearing banners inscribed with the words "Liberty" and "The Cross". See: Amandry, A. (1982) Greek Independence in 19th Century French Faience, Athens: Fondation ethnographique du Péloponnèse, pp. 37-41.

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    Rare and charming writing case in Bordeaux earthenware - Manufacture Hustin, in the form of a scriban desk decorated in Chinese polychrome and pagodas on each side, shells and garlands of flowers and checkered background on the face, bearing on the reverse the surname "Mr Bourgade ainé " The drawer, rebuilt in the 19th century, veneered with a lacquer front decorated with two Chinese on a black background in gilded metal forming a stamp box, on the top of the writing-case two gilded metal cups and their glass interiors and silver metal gadrooned lids with the seed-shaped - Excellent condition. Eighteenth century

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    Ariano Irpino's deceptive earthenware pitcher with polychrome decoration and relief of a winged putto face in a medallion surrounded by flowers and foliage - Eighteenth century 

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    Porcelain coffee service from the Locré factory - Rue fontaine au Roi in Paris in porcelain with gold threads and grisaille decoration of medallions of busts of ancient figures in gilded medallions, composed of a cylindrical covered jug, a covered sugar bowl, a milk jug, six cups and its six saucers. Two cups with slightly different handles, no doubt replenished - PARIS - Rue de la Fontaine au Roi. Directoire period - Excellent condition.

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    Chinese porcelain plate with polychrome decoration called Imari of a young woman and two children on a terrace with trees, the rim decorated with lotus flowers and flowering branches. China - East India Company - Qianlong period - Eighteenth century. 

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Showing 13 - 22 of 22 items