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    Paris porcelain coffee service (Dagoty) from the beginning of the 19th century, decorated with a diamond-shaped gold frieze on the edge standing out against a nankeen background. This service includes: a coffee pot and its lid, a teapot and its lid, a sugar bowl and its lid, a milk jug, six cups and their saucers - Restoration Period - Around 1815/20

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    Saint-Omer earthenware plate in contoured shape with blue monochrome decoration on a gray linen background of a bouquet of flowers and on the wing of net, rockery and flowering branches in white called "Bianco sopra bianco" - Eighteenth century

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    Marseille earthenware sprinkler in octagonal baluster shape with blue monochrome decoration of lambrequins and reserves decorated with faces.  Eighteenth century 

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    Rare Nevers earthenware plate with contoured edge with polychrome decoration of Blanchard's balloon ascent, in the center a hot air balloon inflated with hydrogen with a man in a basket equipped with a propeller and oars (made of feathers!), used to steer the machine using vertical movements. On the wing, flowers and stylized foliage. Resumption of the engraving published in September 1783 as Frontispiece of the “Consideration on the aerostatic globe published by Lejay. Around 1784/1786 

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    Chinese gadrooned porcelain teapot decorated with butterflies and stylized floral motifs in the Imari palette, underglaze blue, red and gold. First half of the eighteenth century

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    Rare pair of Delft earthenware mustard pots on pedestal and their earthenware lids decorated with polychrome lambrequins. First half of the eighteenth century. 

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    Iznik ceramic dish called "Tabak" in siliceous ceramic with lead glaze with polychrome painted decoration on a white background, with an asymmetrical floral composition. The four flowers that we can recognize are roses, blue tulips, an iris in bloom and a small saz palm on the side. Marli decorated with stylized black waves and rocks and green and blue highlights - End of the sixteenth century 

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    Rare Kashan tile in the shape of an octagonal star, decorated in brown metallic luster over white opaque glaze of two kneeling figures. Border of naskhi inscriptions on a blue background. Dimensions: 21 x 21cm - Early fourteenth century

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    Meissen porcelain ewer, the handle ending in a draped woman's bust and the grip of the lid in the shape of rocaille motifs, polychrome decoration of bouquets of flowers. Marked: crossed swords in blue. Eighteenth century, circa 1745. The frame of the lid in vermeil. 

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    Two large covered Chinese porcelain bowls decorated with flowers and branches in the Imari palette in underglaze blue, iron red and gold. The flat handles in the shape of fleur-de-lys. Kangxi period (1662-1722)

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    Pair of baluster-shaped vases in Naples or Terchi majolica with two scrolling handles painted blue, polychrome decoration in the style of Castelli earthenware, trees, small figures against a backdrop of landscapes and buildings in the background - Eighteenth century 

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    Rare pair of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux earthenware candlesticks with cut sides, so-called “Bianco sopra bianco” decoration of fixed white branches on a gray linen background enhanced with blue - Eighteenth century 

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