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    Rouen - Large dish decorated with a coat of arms - First third of the 18th century Large round Rouen earthenware dish decorated in shades of blue in the center of the BAUSSET-ROQUEFORT family coat of arms with chevron accompanied in chief by two knurls and at the tip of a mountain of six coupeaux, the wing decorated with lambrequins and acanthus. Good condition - First third of the 18th century.  Warning - No shipping for this large dish - Delivery possible in France or to collect in Lyon.

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    Large Nevers faience ridge pigeon decorated in polychrome with a heart pierced with an arrow on its chest - End of the Eighteenth century

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    Large earthenware hoof from Moulins or Nevers with polychrome decoration of flowering branches - Eighteenth century. 

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    Rare Nevers earthenware plate with contoured board with polychrome patriotic decoration of a dog and a cat facing each other on a mound framing the symbols of the Three Orders united by a ribbon surmounting the inscription "Pran garde au chat". This decoration symbolizes the vigilance that patriots must impose on counter-revolutionaries. End of the eighteenth century, revolutionary era - Fractured, stapled.

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    Plate with rounded edge, trompe-l'oeil decoration in the center of almonds and polychrome decoration of three bouquets of flowers in fine quality. Combed blue on the edge - Eighteenth century.

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    Rare box of circular shape in boxwood decorated with a Moustiers faience medallion decorated with large polychrome fire depicting a couple playing music on a landscape background. The interior in tortoiseshell - Boxwood boxes was a specialty of Aiguines, a village a few kilometers from Moustiers - Second half of the eighteenth century

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    Oval dish in earthenware from Lyon with manganese decoration of two putti on terraces. One, standing playing with a hoop the other with a trumpet, sitting on a stone, flying bird and insects. The border decorated with flowering branches, a squash and anamorphosis - Eighteenth century

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    Rare small Sinceny earthenware vase, in the shape of a piriform bottle with polychrome decoration of a Chinese on a terrace next to a fence, pomegranates and flowering branches, a flying bird and butterfly and small flowers in the Kakiemon style, yellow net at the base and collar - Eighteenth century - High: 16.5cm - Some chips.

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    Rare cup and saucer in Strasbourg faience with polychrome decoration of fine flowers, twisted handle with two flowers in relief on each side. Marked. Joseph Hannong - eighteenth century 

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    Nice earthenware teapot of Strasbourg with floral decoration of small fire, the handle and spout shaped branch. Period of Joseph Hannong - Marked - Eighteenth century

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    Lyon - pharmaceutical jug of ovoid shape on pedestal with ring and flat handle. Polychrome blue, yellow, orange and green decoration of rosettes on a background of foliage scrolls - Second half of the sixteenth century - Ref: Issingeaux Hospital - Bibl: Chompret 1946, plate 46, fig171 attributed at the time to Montpellier - Desnuelle, 1988, The Stamp No. 216, p 40 - Montagut, Academy of Moustiers, 1992, p 31, figs 7 and 36.

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