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    Beautiful Moustiers earthenware inkwell in scalloped shape with two animal head handles forming a feather holder, Decorated in blue, yellow and green polychrome with wide lace valance. Inside, three bucket receptacles surrounded by flowers. Placed on a mount and three posterior pewter cups. Signature in ocher "M" by the painter Jean-Baptiste Mille and "OL" for OLérys and Laugier. Eighteenth century

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    Nice double salt cellar in Strasbourg earthenware with polychrome decoration depicting a young boy holding in his hands two birds in their nest, surrounded by two baskets - Eighteenth century - Period of Paul Hannong - Around 1750

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    Fine earthenware dish by Creil and Montereau with polychrome decoration of trompe l'oeil playing cards, the wing with a background of mauve scales and red thread. Brand of Barluet et Compagnie - Creil et Montereau - 1868 -1876 

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    Rare suite of eight Montereau earthenware plates with grisaille decoration on the theme of the Independence of Greece. Around 1810-1830 - The marli is punctuated with wreaths tied with ribbon inscribed with the names of "Maulis Byron / Canaris Fabvier / Botzaris Eynard" and with the cross of Lorraine bearing banners inscribed with the words "Liberty" and "The Cross". See: Amandry, A. (1982) Greek Independence in 19th Century French Faience, Athens: Fondation ethnographique du Péloponnèse, pp. 37-41.

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    Rare and charming writing case in Bordeaux earthenware - Manufacture Hustin, in the form of a scriban desk decorated in Chinese polychrome and pagodas on each side, shells and garlands of flowers and checkered background on the face, bearing on the reverse the surname "Mr Bourgade ainé " The drawer, rebuilt in the 19th century, veneered with a lacquer front decorated with two Chinese on a black background in gilded metal forming a stamp box, on the top of the writing-case two gilded metal cups and their glass interiors and silver metal gadrooned lids with the seed-shaped - Excellent condition. Eighteenth century

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    School of Bernard Palissy, Fontainebleau or Pré d'Auge - Oval dish with scalloped edge on enamelled earthenware heel with polychrome decoration of a young woman seated symbolizing "Flora". she is represented under a tree with the attributes of the garden on a landscape and castle background, and, on the wing, interlacing patterns on a brown background. School of Bernard Palissy after an engraving by Philippe Gallé after Marten De Vas "Printemps" around 1600, Paris Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Seventeenth century.

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    Lyon - pharmaceutical jug of ovoid shape on pedestal with ring and flat handle. Polychrome blue, yellow, orange and green decoration of rosettes on a background of foliage scrolls - First half of the sixteenth century - Ref: Issingeaux Hospital - Bibl: Chompret 1946, plate 46, fig171 attributed at the time to Montpellier - Desnuelle, 1988, The Stamp No. 216, p 40 - Montagut, Academy of Moustiers, 1992, p 31, figs 7 and 36.

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    Large albarello or "monster" double bulge pot with big twisted handles, ending at each end in volutes. Pharmaceutical registration in Gothic letters in black. French Renaissance type - End of the 16th century Beginning of the 17th century

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    Large Nevers faience ridge pigeon decorated in polychrome with a heart pierced with an arrow on its chest - End of the Eighteenth century

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    Rare small Sinceny earthenware vase, in the shape of a piriform bottle with polychrome decoration of a Chinese on a terrace next to a fence, pomegranates and flowering branches, a flying bird and butterfly and small flowers in the Kakiemon style, yellow net at the base and collar - Eighteenth century - High: 16.5cm - Some chips.

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    Beautiful oval shaped soup tureen in Sinceny earthenware with polychrome decoration on the lid of a Chinese man holding an umbrella standing in front of a balustrade under a palm tree, pagodas, butterflies and birds in flight, the body decorated with pagodas and pierced rocks and bird and butterflies in flight. Marked twice with "S" - Eighteenth century

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    Pair of Marseille earthenware dishes with a rounded edge decorated in yellow camaieu in the center, in flowered rock medallions, scenes from the life of Don Quixote after the painter Coypel: - "The false princess of Micomicon has just begged Don Quixote to put her back on the throne" - "Bachelor Sanson Carasco, under the name of the Knight of Mirrors, is defeated by Don Quixote who orders him to go and throw himself at Dulcinea's feet." (see below the two engravings that served as a model) And on the wing, richly decorated with patterns with braces, shells and flowery volutes. Fauchier factory. Carry on the back of the wing the mark "G" - Eighteenth century - Additional information and...

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