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    Large anthropomorphic pitcher in Lille earthenware called "Jacqueline", covered, representing a woman in a flowered dress and polka-dot apron, sitting on a green mound - Eighteenth century 

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    Pair of Marseille earthenware bottle coolers - Manufacture de Fauchier. Round in shape with cut sides and gadrooned lower part. resting on a pedestal, decorated in polychrome with flower garlands, side handles in the shape of beautiful mascarons - Eighteenth century period.

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  • Large octagonal Nevers earthenware table salt cellar resting on three small lions. Decor in blue shades of birds, rabbit, butterfly and branches - Seventeenth century 

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    Beautiful Moustiers earthenware inkwell in scalloped shape with two animal head handles forming a feather holder, Decorated in blue, yellow and green polychrome with wide lace valance. Inside, three bucket receptacles surrounded by flowers. Placed on a mount and three posterior pewter cups. Signature in ocher "M" by the painter Jean-Baptiste Mille and "OL" for OLérys and Laugier. Eighteenth century

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    Rouen bouquet holder wall lamp with a lobed edge in earthenware with polychrome decoration of a flowered pierced rock and hedge, bird on flowering shrubs and mounds. Marked "G" below - Eighteenth century.

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    Nice double salt cellar in Strasbourg earthenware with polychrome decoration depicting a young boy holding in his hands two birds in their nest, surrounded by two baskets - Eighteenth century - Period of Paul Hannong - Around 1750

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    Virgin and Child in Nevers faience decorated in blue and yellow and green camaieu - Eighteenth century.

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    Candlestick representing a standing Moor, the right hand on the hip, resting on a high cylindrical base, with ocher and black manganese decoration - Nineteenth century 

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    Fine earthenware dish by Creil and Montereau with polychrome decoration of trompe l'oeil playing cards, the wing with a background of mauve scales and red thread. Brand of Barluet et Compagnie - Creil et Montereau - 1868 -1876 

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    Large albarello or "monster" double bulge pot with big twisted handles, ending at each end in volutes. Pharmaceutical registration in Gothic letters in black. French Renaissance type - End of the 16th century Beginning of the 17th century

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    Lyon - pharmaceutical jug of ovoid shape on pedestal with ring and flat handle. Polychrome blue, yellow, orange and green decoration of rosettes on a background of foliage scrolls - First half of the sixteenth century - Ref: Issingeaux Hospital - Bibl: Chompret 1946, plate 46, fig171 attributed at the time to Montpellier - Desnuelle, 1988, The Stamp No. 216, p 40 - Montagut, Academy of Moustiers, 1992, p 31, figs 7 and 36.

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    Rare earthenware ewer with small fire decor probably painted by Protais Pidoux a cartouche animated with a landscape to the ruins in a rich frame of garlands of flowers and masks, and flower vases. The handle imitating the wood attached by olive branches - Eighteenth century - Louis XVI period - Ref: Protais Pidoux 1725-1790 a history of faience - 2013 - Editor Jean Epple.

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