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    Two rare knives decorated with coats of arms, the soft porcelain handles of Saint-Cloud, finished in butt decorated in blue shades of a coat of arms and foliage and arabesques. Period mounts in silver and steel blade with a cutlery mark - Eighteenth century - around 1710-1730

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    Covered jug in hard Sèvres porcelain with polychrome decoration of a seedling of bouquets of flowers, borders underlined with gilt wolf teeth Marked with double crowned interlaced LL and the letter-date: MM for 1789 and the decorator's mark Y for Mme Bouillat Painter of flowers 1776-1798. Lid held in place by a metal chain. 

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    Litron cup and saucer in hard Sèvres porcelain decorated with gold rectangles alternating with flower buds. Cup and saucer marked in blue with the two crowned interlaced LL - Eighteenth century - Louis XVI period 

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  • SÈVRES - Cup and saucer called "Goblet Bouillard" in soft porcelain decorated in blue and gold with waving ribbons adorned with garlands of blue flowers on a gold striated background. Marked: LL interlaced, without letter-date - Eighteenth century - around 1765-1768 - Louis XV era - Reference: A saucer of this model in the collections Hinton Ampner, Hampshire (Great Britain)

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    Saint Cloud Carving knife with soft porcelain handle and camaieu decoration blue with lambrequins and foliage scrolls, silver ferrule and steel blade. Early eighteenth century.

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    Chantilly - Teapot in soft porcelain, in the shape of a squash with ribbed ribs, with polychrome kakiemon decoration of exploded pomegranates and branches - Around 1740.

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    Paris - Bowl or Bouillon covered round shape, with two handles in the Greek style with its oval display decorated in polychrome and gilding of a seedling of a seedling of roses in button, the display presents in the center a decoration of two doves on a pink background - Directoire period - Late eighteenth century

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