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    Two small litron cups and their saucers in soft Tournai porcelain from the service of the Duke of Orléans, decorated with birds from Buffon's "The Natural History of Birds". The first of these two cups is decorated with the "Purple-breasted Blue Manakin" and on the saucer the "Varied Amazon Parrot from Brazil" The second cup is decorated with the "Black Father, from Martinique" and its saucer with the "Choucas des philipines” on a blue background decorated with gilt foliage, arabesques and garlands of pearls and butterflies in medallions. They are equipped with a rectangular handle called "Greek" The name of the birds is written in black on the reverse - Eighteenth century, circa 1787-1792

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    Large earthenware fountain attributed to Brussels, white enameled depicting an Amphitrite on her chariot holding a shell in her hand, the dolphin forming the pourer - End of the eighteenth century - Attributed to the factory in the rue de Laeken. Similar model reproduced in the book DANSAERT, G., Anciennes faïences de Bruxelles. Brussels: G. Van Oest, 1922 (Former Desmedt collection)

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    Charming small round earthenware dish from Montelupo with full polychrome decoration of a man brandishing his sword, on a mound against a landscape background - Seventeenth century.

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    Cup on pedestal in majolica from Urbino with full polychrome istoriato decoration depicting a scene from the history of Rome.This is an episode described by Tito Livio, (LIVIO, I-XXXVII). when King Tarquinio Priscus during the Second Sabine War offersVulcan the remains of the enemy. It was customary after a warlike episode to divide the booty into three parts, one part for the military, one for the people and the last was burned in honor of the Gods. Inscription on the reverse that can be translated as: "When Tarquinio offers the prey of hostilities to the god Vulcan" - Sixteenth century - Around 1550.

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    Two hollow cups in Talavera earthenware with green, yellow and manganese polychrome decoration with full decoration of a leaping hare and the other depicting a wader on a background of vegetation. On the edges and outside, three stylized trees between rocks. Wide nets in yellow and green - Eighteenth century

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    Rare pair of oval polychrome faience plaques from Castelli titled in a phylactery: "SERVITU" and "MATRIMONIO" representing the allegory of marriage for one and of servitude for the other in the guise of a woman each supporting a yoke on their shoulders, servitude with at its feet, a stork or a heron holding a snake in the beak, marriage with a restraint on the legs and a snake at its feet, against the backdrop of a wooded landscape - Based on two engravings by Cesari Giuseppe known as the Knight of Arpin around 1625. (see the reproduction of these two engravings) - Eighteenth century - In blackened and gilded wooden frames.

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    Loosdrecht (Netherlands) - Rare covered porcelain sugar pot with polychrome decoration of birds including an owl on a branch andgarlands of foliage underlined with a gold fillet, taken from the lid in the shape of an acorn.Marked on the reverse: "M.O.L." for the Oud Loosdrecht factory in underglaze blue - Second half of the eighteenth century. 

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    Rare plate with full polychrome decoration of a quality woman walking in a landscape, On either side of leafy trees. Ocher braid on the edge. Felice Clerici factory - 1756-1780 - Eighteenth century 

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    Plate with full polychrome decoration, of a traveler walking his basket hanging from his staff, on either side of the leafy trees. Ocher braid on the edge. Felice Clerici factory - 1756-1780 - Eighteenth century 

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    Two two-pronged forks, porcelain handles decorated in shades of blue with floral motifs. The ferrules are silver - Eighteenth century 

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    Savona earthenware egg dish with two egg cups and a salt cellar adhering to a rectangular cut-off tray. Decor in shades of blue building and flowering branches - End of the seventeenth century 

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  • Beautiful Turin earthenware plate with polychrome decoration in the center of an oriental woman holding a parasol on a landscape background in a rococo cartouche. Rossetti factory - Eighteenth century

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