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  • Porcelain sugar bowl from Frankenthal - Decorated on both sides of a cartouche with a medallion in the center depicting an antique sculpture in grisaille on a shield surmounted by a grotesque mask, flowers scattered, purple stripe bordering. Crowned CT monogram and initial Eighteenth century - About 1775.

  • Frankenthal - crues set oval porcelain decorated with animated and flowers landscapes, gold fillets on the edges. Marked: CT crowned and 76 for 1776 - It is furnished with two burettes of cut glass of the eighteenth century  Eighteenth century

  • Vincennes - Lizonnée teapot - Circa 1749-1753 Pretty teapot in soft Vincennes porcelain with a winding handle with polychrome decoration of bouquets of flowers and a caterpillar resting on a blooming rose. Gold threads on the base, handle and on the edge of the spout. Missing its cover. Significant crack in the body, chip and small crack at the end of the spout (see photos) High: 9.5cm - Long: 16cm. LL mark intertwined ornate. Around 1749-1753 Ref: Tamara Préaud and Antoine d'Albis, La porcelaine de Vincennes, Paris, 1991, N ° 98 and 125 and Tamara Préaud and Antoinette Faÿ-Hallé, Porcelaines de Vincennes, The origins of Sèvres, Grand Palais, Paris, 1977-1978 , Nos. 402 and 403 for a...

  • Beautiful cup called "goblet litron" and its saucer (second size) in soft Sèvres porcelain with polychrome decoration in medallions on the cup of landscapes with rustic attributes, on the saucer decorated with a basket and egg incubator on the background of gold polka dots on white background. Mark: LL interlaced, letter-date O for 1767 and mark of the old painter, active in Sèvres from 1752 to 1790 - Excellent condition - Eighteenth century - 1767

  • Litron goblet and saucer in hard Sèvres porcelain (third size) decorated with maritime landscapes animated with characters on a partridge eye background and garlands of leaves in gilding and gold thread on the edge. Marked in blue with the two interlaced Ls and mark "D" for the painter Dusolle - Eighteenth century - around 1770-1774

  • Ariano Irpino earthenware pitcher with polychrome decoration depicting the bust of a young woman - End of the Eighteenth century.

  • Cup on pedestal and saucer in hard porcelain decorated with geometric patterns and two blue fillets on a gold background. The cup with high handle finished in winding, the interior of the cup with gold background - Nineteenth century

  • Two Lyon earthenware apothecary pots decorated in blue and manganese shades under the handle of the inscription: Cydonia and Lumbricor in bands, frieze of foliage on the neck. Formerly restored (see photos) - Seventeenth century 

  • Saint-cloud - Three small forks with two prongs. The porcelain sleeves with cut sides, finished in butt decorated in blue shades of embroidery, foliage and arabesques. Period mounts in silver and steel blade - Eighteenth century - around 1710-1730

  • Exceptional Sinceny earthenware terrine lid with polychrome painted decoration in the middle of an off-center flower basket, the grip in the shape of a snake - Eighteenth century - Around 1745.

  • Soft Sèvres porcelain fard pot with polychrome decoration of rose seedlings in medallions surrounded by garland of gold foliage on a green background. Mark in red with two LL interlaced with the letter-date Z for 1777 and the mark "nq" of the painter Niquet (1764-1792) and the mark of the gilder in blue B for Boulanger gilder of 1754-1785. Missing its cover - Eighteenth century. 

  • Pair of Savona earthenware dishes in blue monochrome decorated in full for one of a winged fauna sitting playing the drum accompanied by two loves on a mountainous landscape, the other decorated with two seated women and a love also on the background of mountainous landscape. Brand with coat of arms on the reverse - End of the seventeenth century - Beginning of the eighteenth century.

Showing 25 - 36 of 515 items