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  • Moustiers earthenware cup to sick with polychrome flower decoration on each side and a grasshopper on top - Eighteenth century

  • Rare Vienna porcelain cream jar with polychrome decoration of bouquets of flowers in medallions, the cover showing a snail. Mark coat of arms - 1744-1749 - Eighteenth century

  • Plate with polychrome and gold decoration at the center of a seedling of florets and dots in gilding, border decorated with Etruscan vases alternated with large garlands of flowers, gold braid in gilding. Marked. Eighteenth century - Louis XVI period.

  • Plate with polychrome and gold decoration in the center of two roses, border cut into six panels decorated with alternating garlands of reserves with landscape decor and roses in pink shades, highlighted by a gilded net. Marked. Eighteenth century - Louis XVI period.

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  • Plate with polychrome and gold decoration in the center of a flower seedling, border decorated with a garland of laurel and a string of gilded pearls, border underlined by a gilding - Marked - Eighteenth century - Louis XVI period.

  • Rouen - Large dish decorated with a coat of arms - First third of the 18th century Large round Rouen earthenware dish decorated in shades of blue in the center of the BAUSSET-ROQUEFORT family coat of arms with chevron accompanied in chief by two knurls and at the tip of a mountain of six coupeaux, the wing decorated with lambrequins and acanthus. Good condition - First third of the 18th century.  Warning - No shipping for this large dish - Delivery possible in France or to collect in Lyon.

  • LYON - Oblong dish on board with eight points. Berain decoration in blue monochrome contained Apollo or Orpheus holding his lyre in the center flanked by two sphinxes and two caryatids, ewers, foliage. Wide embroidery on the wing and blue net - Eighteenth century - Long: 46.5 cm - Excellent condition.

  • Lyon earthenware bowl lid with polychrome decoration of a hunter facing a hare, mound with flowering branches, pumpkins and stone, taken in the shape of a flower - Scize Stone Workshop - Eighteenth Century

  • Pair of carved white marble depicting Aphrodite and a Fauna after the antique in their black molded marble framing. Probably Italian work - Late eighteenth century

  • Patient's bottle in Urbino majolica with six lobes resting on a pedestal, with two handles, inside with a polychrome decoration called "a raffaellesche" and a decoration of dolphins on a wavy blue background around the edge. It has a double bottom to hold hot water at the bottom to keep the contents warm - Patanazzi Workshop. End of the sixteenth century

  • Charming small baluster-shaped pitcher in Nevers earthenware with a Persian blue background with a fixed white and orange decoration of two birds and a bouquet of flowers, the handle in the form of a braided rope decorated with a candle - Seventeenth century - Around 1650 

  • Pair of ovoid form on a pedestal decorated on a front of two women with their children, on the other side decor gilding of love on his chariot pulled by a griffin and the other pulled by a kite on pink and green background, handles depicting female faces unglazed bisque - Period Restoration - 1820

Showing 37 - 48 of 511 items