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  • Two cups in the form of Chinese porcelain shells with a so-called Imari decoration enamelled in blue under cover, iron red and gold with floral bouquets - Kangxi period (1662-1722)

  • Cruet holder and cruets in alcora earthenware with polychrome flower decoration - Eighteenth century - Around 1770

  • Alcora (Spain) Sugar caster shaped baluster faience decorated with fruit branches - Eighteenth century

  • Rare box of circular shape in boxwood decorated with a Moustiers faience medallion decorated with large polychrome fire depicting a couple playing music on a landscape background. The interior in tortoiseshell - Boxwood boxes was a specialty of Aiguines, a village a few kilometers from Moustiers - Second half of the eighteenth century

  • Round flat rock reliefs earthenware Saint-Amand-les-Eaux decorated with small fire flower of India called "the lyre" alternating with white highlights branches in bloom amid flax gray enamel, marli "embossed" rock cartridges, edge staple highlighted with brown - Manufacture Fauquez - 1770 - Eighteenth Century

  • Sugar caster in earthenware from Rouen in a truncated conical shape with blue and red decoration of large ironwork, valances, lace and arabesques. and star cutouts - Beginning of the eighteenth century.

  • Rare set of six white enamelled Saint-Cloud soft porcelain knives with a butt with relief decoration of flowering stems. Silver blades and ferrules. Discharge punches on the blades Paris 1732-38 and 1738-44 - Common house "B" crowned: 1742-1743 - Eighteenth century - Circa 1730-1740

  • Watch holder transformed with a fixed movement, in Compagnie des Indes porcelain, rectangular in shape with cut sides with double reticulated walls decorated with enamels of the rose family of bouquets of flowers in reserves. The gilded bronze cover surmounted by a small figure, made in the 19th century. In working order - Qianlong period (1736 - 1795) 

  • Travel kit contained in a lockable veneer and rosewood marquetry box, including a rectangular box in Mennecy porcelain with silver mount, a Saint Cloud porcelain make-up jar, two vermeil eyeshadow jars (modern - restocked) four perfume bottles in cut crystal, a vermeil funnel, a thimble, a case with a sewing kit and a seal with gilded copper wedding ring and various small utensils, period interior trim in blue silk and silver braid. Key redone. Eighteenth century - Louis XV period 

  • Plate earthenware Rouen, plain edge, polychrome decoration with the flowered barrier in the style of the Far East, on the wing grids and exploded grenades. Brand of the Guillibaud manufacture in green. Eighteenth century - Around 1735-1740 - CF: Holds the label "T H. Clainpanain collections N ° 535.

  • Rare cup and saucer in Strasbourg faience with polychrome decoration of fine flowers, twisted handle with two flowers in relief on each side. Marked. Joseph Hannong - eighteenth century 

  • Japan - Porcelain covered cup with Van Buren family arms and Van Brederode on both sides, decorated in the Imari palette in underglaze blue, red and gold - Excellent condition - Early eighteenth century

Showing 61 - 72 of 515 items