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  • Höchst - Porcelain covered mustard pot with polychrome decoration of bouquets of flowers, fruit-shaped, silver mount. Marked on the wheel in red. Excellent condition - Eighteenth century - circa 1750 - 1763

  • CHINA - Porcelain bowl with polychrome decoration of enamels of the Pompadour rose family formed of fish in reservoirs surrounded by flowers, foliage foliage and fruits. Qianlong period (1736-1795)

  • Strasbourg earthenware oval terrine with two rococo handles, polychrome decoration of bouquets of fine flowers. Lemon shaped with foliage. Marked Paul Hannong - Eighteenth century

  • Meissen porcelain cup and saucer with polychrome decoration of vegetables, insects and butterfly, the wing with a basketwork motif in relief underlined with a gold thread. Mark with crossed swords in underglaze blue - Eighteenth century - around 1745-1750

  • Rare Strasbourg earthenware terrine depicting a tortoise with natural polychrome decoration. She is resting on four legs apart, head erect on a green painted terrace. The shell is treated in ocher and manganese - Paul Hannong Manufactory - Eighteenth century - 1750-1754 

  • Apothecary chevrette in Lyon majolica with flat handle and ring, polychrome decoration in the half-leaf,blue and yellow ocher threads at the neck and at the foot.Height: 22cmXVIth Century

  • Small Chinese porcelain dish decorated in the center of a basket of flowers and Buddhist objects painted in the enamels of the rose and imari family. On the wing, four flowery cartridges Yongzheng (1723-1735), circa 1725 

  • Five soft porcelain knives from Villeroy-Mennecy with polychrome Chinese decoration standing on flowered brackets and branches. Silver ferrule, steel blades. On a ferrule, Paris 1738-1745 (fox head) Saint Cloud, circa 1740 - The Manufacture de Villeroy-Mennecy was founded in 1735 by François Barbin (1689-1765), a manufacturer of soft porcelain formerly installed in Paris, under the protection of Louis François Anne de Neufville, Duke of Villeroy Additional information and photos on request.

  • Two cups in the form of Chinese porcelain shells with a so-called Imari decoration enamelled in blue under cover, iron red and gold with floral bouquets - Kangxi period (1662-1722)

  • Cruet holder and cruets in alcora earthenware with polychrome flower decoration - Eighteenth century - Around 1770

  • Alcora (Spain) Sugar caster shaped baluster faience decorated with fruit branches - Eighteenth century

  • Rare box of circular shape in boxwood decorated with a Moustiers faience medallion decorated with large polychrome fire depicting a couple playing music on a landscape background. The interior in tortoiseshell - Boxwood boxes was a specialty of Aiguines, a village a few kilometers from Moustiers - Second half of the eighteenth century

Showing 49 - 60 of 511 items