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  • Small litron cup known as “mignonette” and its saucer (fourth size) in soft Sèvres porcelain, the cup decorated in polychrome with a landscape animated by a character pulling two mules against a background of a landscape in a reserve, the decorated saucer of tools agricultural in a medallion on a background decorated with a blue net and gold garlands. Mark: LL interlaced, letter-date LL for 1788 and the mark of the old painter, active in Sèvres from 1752 to 1790 - Eighteenth century

  • Rare Nevers earthenware plate with contoured board with polychrome patriotic decoration of a dog and a cat facing each other on a mound framing the symbols of the Three Orders united by a ribbon surmounting the inscription "Pran garde au chat". This decoration symbolizes the vigilance that patriots must impose on counter-revolutionaries. End of the eighteenth century, revolutionary era - Fractured, stapled.

  • 2 goblets and a siliceous ceramic cup from Kütahya decorated in polychromy and red slip on a white background with stylized patterns - Eighteenth century 

  • Ice cream cup tray called "bouret tray" in soft Vincennes-Sèvres porcelain with a contoured edge decorated in polychromy with large bouquets of flowers, roses, ranunculus, blueberries. Blue combed on the edges enhanced with a gold net. Mark erased - Eighteenth century

  • A large tile with polychrome decoration cuerda seca cobalt blue background of fingering palm fronds and a tile frieze decorated with floral motifs in brown, aubergine, turquoise and green on a yellow background - Iran - Safavid Art - Seventeenth century

  • China - White porcelain covered milk jug with fine decoration with polychrome enamels of famille rose - Eighteenth century  Yongzheng period (1723-1735)

  • Pair of groups in Sèvres soft porcelain biscuit representing "La Lanterne Magique" or "La Curiosité" and "Le Tourniquet" or "La Loterie" Falconet model, after Boucher. Around 1757-1766 Height: 15.5 cm and 16cm - catalog of the exhibition at the Ceramics Museum of Sèvres: Manufacture of Lights, the sculpture at Sèvres from Louis XV to the Revolution, 2015, pages.182 and 183.

  • Large chocolate cup on a pedestal and its hard porcelain saucer, with polychrome decoration of medallions each adorned with different flowers standing out against a gold background and relief decoration with knurled friezes of intertwining, heart rays and bisque foliage. The cup with high handle finished with a lion's head in golden biscuit, the inside of the cup with a gold background. Nineteenth century, around 1830.

  • Castelli earthenware cup with polychrome decoration of a man from behind in a wooded landscape and Roman ruins, carrying a satchel and holding a staff in his hand - Eighteenth century. 

  • ROUEN Pair of small pots of pharmacy covered slightly curved, decoration of pharmaceutical inscriptions: "Pil: Fullerii." And "Extr: Hundred: Min:" in polychrome reserves encircled with volutes and shells flowery, decoration said with the five colors - Eighteenth century - 1750  - Provenance: from the pharmacy Mesaize in Rouen, bear the label of Cotinat Pharmacy: "L.Cotinat Pharmacist 1st class - 151, rue de Grenelle - Paris. " Note: Louis Cotinat collection sale - June 1997.

  • Nice earthenware teapot of Strasbourg with floral decoration of small fire, the handle and spout shaped branch. Period of Joseph Hannong - Marked - Eighteenth century

  • Mignonnette cup in soft Sèvres porcelain in litron shape and its saucer decorated in blue and gold with undulating ribbons adorned with garlands of blue flowers on a gold streaked background. Marked: LL interlaced, without date letter - Eighteenth century - around 1765-1768 - Louis XV

Showing 13 - 24 of 515 items